Rheumatic Fever (service is currently unavailable)

Unavailable until further notice, please refer to your doctor for swabbing

Rheumatic Fever is a serious disease that can cause inflammation of joints, brain and skin. But more importantly, can cause serious long term heart problems that may require heart surgery.

It usually starts with a sore throat. Most sore throats don’t lead to serious illness. Cover your mouth when you cough, washing and drying your hands often will help reduce spreading bugs to others.

In a small number of people who contact the Group A Streptococcus bacteria if not treated this can lead to Rheumatic Fever. This infection is most common in Maori and Pacific Island children, and those who share their homes with lots of others.

Kensington pharmacy is involved in a FREE Throat Swabbing Pilot Program for children and young adult aged 5-19 years to try and detect, and treat this infection. Come and speak to one of our trained staff to see if you are eligible.

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