Compression Stocking Fitting

Kensington Pharmacy provides a variety of compression stockings. 

These includes:

  • Below the knee.

  • Thigh length stocking with a lace band.

  • Thigh length stocking with support band.

  • Thigh length stocking with belt.

  • Panty hose stocking.

  • Arm sleeve without mitten.

We have a number of staff that are trained in compression stocking measurement.  A short consultation with someone trained in compression stockings is needed before purchasing.  A 15 minute consultation within a private room in the pharmacy is required where the pharmacist may need information on your show size, age, height and weight.  The pharmacist will also measure your thigh, mid-thigh, knee at widest/narrowest point and ankle.

For the most accurate fit, it is best to take these measurements first thing in the morning.

If you require compression stockings, stop into the pharmacy or call to enquire.

Please note.  Due to the individual requirements needed in compression stockings, a deposit is needed before we order the stockings.