Coloxyl 50mg tablets 100s

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Coloxyl 50mg  tablets 100s



Lots of people suffer from constipation, for lots of reasons. Changes in diet, routine, medication and hormones can all make you feel less ‘regular’ and rather uncomfortable.  Coloxyl® is a gentle stool softener that provides trusted, effective relief from constipation. Ask your pharmacist which Coloxyl® product is right for you.


Coloxyl® with senna tablets contain docusate sodium 50mg and total Sennosides 8mg. Coloxyl® 50 contains docusate sodium 50mg. Coloxyl® 120 contains docusate sodium 120mg. Coloxyl® Oral Drops contains Poloxamer 100mg/mL. Maintain fluid intake. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor. Please refer to product packaging for dose instructions. ® Registered Trademark. Aspen Pharmacare, Auckland. TAPS PP7830-MA16